Swimming Pool Maintenance Service Kent

Swimming Pool Maintenance Service Kent

Why Get a Kent Swimming Pool Maintenance Service

There are many reasons to get a maintenance service for your pool. As a pool owner you will know that giving your pool proper maintenance can be tedious and time consuming. Swimming pools need regular attendance and cleaning, and if this is not carried out there are many risks, such as green pool water. 

To take care of pool maintenance, many owners choose to hire a professional service. Hiring a pool maintenance service for your pool in Kent will save you time and give you peace of mind that your pool is getting professional care. 

If you have a large pool then cleaning it can take over an hour, not including other procedures like vacuuming, cleaning the filter, testing the pool chemistry, and more. Over months and years, this time adds up. With a pool maintenance service you can free yourself up to relax or sort out other tasks. 

How Our Kent Swimming Pool Maintenance Service Works

If you have a pool in Kent that needs an exceptional pool maintenance service, then Ajax Leisure can help you.  

We offer a bespoke and affordable Swimming Pool Maintenance service to pool owners throughout Kent. This will involve cleaning, vacuuming, chemical checks and more to ensure that your pool is perfectly healthy and in excellent condition. Our service will be tailored to the size and structure of your pool to ensure the best results. 

Our team is made up of fully qualified and trained professional pool engineers. They can deliver a swimming pool cleaning service of the highest quality for whatever type of pool you own, be it outdoor or indoor. All visits are reported in detail on our NCR (no carbon required) worksheets.

So contact us today if you need a Kent swimming pool maintenance service.

What’s Included in our Pool Maintenance Service?

During a typical visit we will give you the following:

  • Full Pool Clean
  • Vacuum
  • Brush (including tile band)
  • Filter Backwash and Rinse
  • Plant Room System Check (including Pipework & Fittings)
  • Pump Basket Clean
  • Cover Clean
  • Chemical Check & Dose
  • Heater Check
  • Solar Cover Clean
  • Chemical Check and Dose including Chlorine/Bromine, pH, TA, Cyanuric Acid (from customer stock)

Contact us for Expert Swimming Pool Maintenance Services in Kent

If you have a pool in Kent in need of some attention, or you would like the peace of mind that a professional service brings, then get in touch with us today for more information .

At Ajax we provide an expert poo maintenance service for pools in Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, and across Kent. 

In addition to indoor and outdoor Pools, our Kent Swimming Pool Maintenance and Servicing packages span Spas & Hot Tubs, and Saunas & Steam Rooms.

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