Does A Swimming Pool Add Value To A House In The UK?

Does A Swimming Pool Add Value To A House In The UK?

Ever Wondered If A Swimming Pool Will Enhance Or Detract The Value Of Your UK Home?

There is a huge concern about whether swimming pools add or detract the value of a home. Appropriately 250,000 homes in the UK have private swimming pools and almost 2,500 pools are installed annually. The numbers indicate that thousands of people prefer having pools in their homes.

So does a swimming pool add value to a house in the UK?

Honestly, the amenity can be a hit or a miss. Some people are willing to invest in homes that have pools and others are not willing to spend extra cash on this amenity. In this blog, we will focus more on how a swimming pool can add value to your home. There are multiple circumstances where swimming pools will end up adding value to a house and these include:

The Right Buyer

Naturally, the value that a swimming pool adds to a home is dependent on the person who is in the market to purchase a house. If a person is searching for a residential property with a pool then it can add value. This is because the buyer does not have to spend their money to install a new pool. It makes things easier for the seller to sell it for the price they want.

Current Situation of the Swimming Pool

For a pool to add value to a house, it must be in the best of shape. The current owner of the home must commit to maintaining the swimming pool over its lifetime so that buyers will not find any fault when they ask for a report. Regular servicing is highly recommended because it not only helps in maintenance but it preserves its value.  A buyer may be willing to spend more on a place with a pool if it means that they do not have to do any repair work in the near future.

Location of the Home

The location of the home may also play a role in determining whether a swimming pool will increase the sale price or not. If the house is in a high-end neighbourhood where a majority of houses have pools, having the feature can help increase the selling price. It might also help if the house is in an area that experiences a warmer climate. Buyers in this case might find the pool more valuable because they may end up using it more when they move in. Some buyers may also like it if an outdoor pool does not take up the entire yard. This may give the new owner a chance to install a swing set or tend to a garden if they wish.

Installing a Swimming Pool with Ajax Leisure

When asked whether a swimming pool adds value to a home, most people will say no. This is, however, not always the case because there are numerous instances where having a pool can enhance the value of a residential property significantly. If you want to install a pool or have an existing one maintained professionally, do not hesitate to get in touch with Ajax Leisure. This is a specialist swimming pool company that offers an extensive range of top-notch swimming pool services including installation, engineering, refurbishing, maintenance and so much more.

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