How to Open Your Outdoor Swimming Pool in Spring

How to Open Your Outdoor Swimming Pool in Spring

After a mild winter you might be thinking about opening up your pool again. Here we will give you some tips to make sure that your outdoor pool is ready for use this spring. 

Clean your Pool Cover

First of all when it comes to opening your pool for spring, you will need to brush any dirt and debris off your pool cover, then drain it. This is to minimise the amount of debris that falls into the pool when it is removed. 

After you have removed the cover, it is a good idea to give it another thorough cleaning. Make sure to keep the pool cover in a dry place, where it is less likely to grow mould. 

Raise the Water Level

Once the cover has been removed, the next step is to refill your pool to its standard level. You can do this using your garden hose. You will treat the pool later so water from the hose is fine to use. 

Reconnect your Pool Equipment

When you covered your pool for the winter, you might have disconnected some equipment. When reopening for spring, it is time to reconnect your filter, heater, and pump. Give all the equipment a clean and inspect that it is all in working order. You can then turn on the equipment and see if it is functioning properly. 

Test your Pool Water

It’s now time to test your pool water for unwanted contaminants.  Firstly, you need to treat the water for metals that might discolour the pool. After this has been completed you should test for pH, calcium hardness, alkalinity, and chlorine. It is normal that over several months of no use, the levels will not quite be correct. 

To change the alkalinity, use an acid or alkaline treatment. Then you can focus on adjusting the pH balance. After you have corrected these levels, you can treat the pool for calcium hardness after waiting 24 hours. 

Give the Swimming Pool a Good Clean

Some dirt and debris will inevitably find its way into your pool and around the pool surfaces. Scoop out any leaves and other waste from the pool and give the surfaces a good brush. You can then turn on the filtration system overnight to clean out other contaminants.  

Give the Water a Chlorine Shock

Now you can shock the water by applying a large dose of chlorine to wipe out bacteria and algae that might have grown during the winter. 

Follow the steps recommended on the instructions on your kit or shock pot. Pour out the solution in the pool water in the advised fashion and leave it overnight to allow it to filter through the pool system. 

Give the pool a final check

After all this is completed, it is important to  give a final check of all the levels to make sure it is all safe. When the correct levels have stabilised then the pool is ready for use. Regular maintenance and checks should then be carried out regularly. 

Spring Pool Opening With Ajax Leisure

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