How to Properly Clean Your Swimming Pool

How to Properly Clean Your Swimming Pool

Why Clean Your Pool?

It is important to regularly give your pool a proper deep clean for hygiene purposes and to keep it looking great. You might give it a regular vacuum but it is important to do a full on clean every so often. 

It might be a task that you have put off or something you are unsure about, but here we will explain how you can best clean your swimming pool.

What Equipment is Needed to Clean a Swimming Pool?

Before you get started, it is important to have all the correct tools for the job, and to make sure the equipment you use is functional. 

Here is a basic list of the equipment you will need clean your pool:

• Telescopic Pole

• Skimmer net

• Pool Brush

• Pool Vacuum Head

• Tile band cleaner

Clean the Pool Surface

Firstly, clean the surface of the pool with a skimmer net to remove debris like twigs, bugs, and the rest. Cover every part of the pool sweeping abc and forth not to miss anything. When the net fills up, make sure to empty it to stop debris re-entering the pool.  Also fish out any debris that has sunk to the bottom, such as leaves or rocks. 

Scrub the Walls of the Swimming Pool

Now it is time to scrub down the walls of the pool. Make sure to get to every area, even behind ladders. Scrub methodically around the pool, from the very bottom to the top. If the pool wall is dirty then the water can become murky as you clean it. 

Vacuum Clean Your Swimming Pool

After this it is time to vacuum the pool. This can be an arduous task and take time. Try to work methodically from one end to the other, and pay close attention to the corners where dirt can accumulate. 

Scrub the Swimming Pool Tiles

After the vacuuming is finished, you can scrub down the tile band around the pool. Use a tile band cleaning agent and get to work scrubbing the tiles clean. Read the instructions on the cleaning agent before getting to work. 

Empty the Pump Basket and Backwash the Filter

Now that the pool has been given a deep clean, you can turn your attention to the filtration system. Turn off the pump and remove the lid to have a look at any debris that has built up. You can hose down the pump basket to give it a good clean. When this is done, simply return the basket to the pump and replace the lid. 

After you have cleaned the basket, you perform a standard backwash to remove any dirt and debris from the filter. 

Clean the Filtration Equipment and Pipes

After all this has been completed, be sure to clean all the filtration equipment. You can get some microfibre cloths and a toothbrush to clean all the tight spaces of the filtration system and the pipework. 

Kent Pool Maintenance with Ajax Leisure

If this is a job that you would rather leave to the professionals, then let Ajax Leisure keep your pool in tip top condition. 

At Ajax Leisure Services we offer bespoke, affordable Swimming Pool Maintenance, cleaning & Servicing visits to suit all our customers’ individual requirements. We are based in Kent serving London and the South East. 

During a typical visit we will give you the following:

  • Full Pool Clean
  • Vacuum
  • Brush (including tile band)
  • Filter Backwash and Rinse
  • Plant Room System Check (including Pipework & Fittings)
  • Pump Basket Clean
  • Cover Clean
  • Chemical Check & Dose
  • Heater Check
  • Solar Cover Clean
  • Chemical Check and Dose including Chlorine/Bro

So get in touch with us today if you would like a professional Swimming Pool Maintenance Service for your pool, indoor or outdoor. 

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