How to Make your Swimming Pool Safer?

How to Make your Swimming Pool Safer?

Perhaps the greatest priority as a swimming pool owner is ensuring that the pool is safe at all times for everyone using it. Here is some of our advice for keeping your pool safe all year round. 

Get a Safe Swimming Pool Cover 

It is crucial that your pool has a reliable and sturdy pool cover. This will help keep children and animals safe when the pool is not in use. A good cover can support heavy weight, so if a child or animal falls on top, they will be safe. Bear in mind that it is not a replacement for supervision, and children should always be supervised around the pool. 

Pool covers provide safety for your pool all year round, and also provide the advantages of preventing algae growth in the water and stopping debris and dirt entering the pool. 

Another idea to keep your pool safe is to install a pool enclosure. This is a barrier that will surround your pool and prevent people and animals entering. 

Be Vigilant at All Times

A swimming pool can be dangerous for children if they are left unsupervised. So when the kids are playing in the pool it is essential that an adult is supervising at all times to prevent any accidents. 

You never know when an accident can occur so the safest swimming pool safety measure is vigilance and supervision. It is also important to instruct children not to run around the edge of the pool to prevent slips and injuries. 

Remove all Hazards from Around the Pool

It is often the case that kids will play around the pool so removing trip hazards is important to minimise the risk of injury. All pool equipment should be stored away from the pool edge as well as any gardening tools and toys. 

Also you should regularly test your pool for the correct pH and chlorine levels, as well as for pollutants. Swimming in a dirty pool can damage your health. 

Swimming Pool Maintenance With Ajax Leisure

You can make sure your pool water is safe and your poolside area is tidy with our Pool Maintenance packages. 

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We will ensure that your Kent swimming pool is clean and healthy. Our fully qualified and trained, professional pool engineers provide an unrivalled swimming pool cleaning service, catering for both indoor and outdoor pools throughout Kent and across the South East.

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